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Jubilee bi-annual party
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***This is not the event for the dinner*** 

DTU Dancing has existed for 20 years in the form it is in now and this we would like to celebrate with all of you! So prepare yourself for a HISTORICAL evening with all of us here at DTU Dancing! So dress up as a Viking, King Christian the 4th, a dinosaur, or in one of the wonderful dresses from the 20th to look your best for this fine evening. Make sure to look good, we will reward the best costumes with a price.

We open the doors at 19:15 for both active members of DTU Dancing as well as non-members. The party is free for members whereas non-members have to pay 30 dkk in the door. At 19:30, we will have a workshop in one of the wonderful dance styles in existence. More information will follow later.
This means that from 20:15 and till we cannot stand anymore, our amazing DJ Frank will play music for all the different style we have here at DTU Dancing. Some games and animations will be mixed in along the way.

Due to the special circumstances this season and that we want to celebrate even more than usual, we are arranging dinner before the party. The dinner including a welcoming glass of bubble will cost 70 dkk - this is almost half price! - and you can see the menu hereunder. You will have to buy your own drinks during the dinner but do not worry, the bar will be cheap. The dinner is for members of DTU Dancing as well as for&nbspnon-member - who are of course welcome to join - but please notice that non-members will still have to pay 30 dkk for entrance to the party on the day.

There is only room for 80 dining guest so you will have to be quick if you want to join. There is of course room for everyone at the party itself! Dinner tickets will be set for sale on Saturday the 29th of September at noon in a separate event here on our website - make sure to get your ticket!


Roast of pig with ramson and salt 
Glazed ham with honey, mustard, and rosemary
Meatballs of ox, rustic
Garlicfried chicken with thyme and tomatoes
Breast of turkey with citrus and garlic

Potatoes fried in oven with rosemary pesto
Classic cold potato salad
Pasta with basil pesto, red onions, and small tomatoes
Retrosalad with iceberg, tomatoes, cucumber, peas, corn, carrot, and sprouts
Spicy coleslaw with white cabbage, carrot, and creamy mild chili-dressing 

Are you vegetarian? Please write it in the comment section when you sign up and we will make sure there is something for you. 


24.11.2018 kl. 19.15 - 25.11.2018 kl. 03.00
Happy Feet Studio, Ørnevej 33, 2400 Copenhagen NV
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