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The fall season is over.
The new season will start 6th February 2017

Please take a look in this month edition of the DTU newspaper, where journalist Marianne visits one of our dance classes link

Want to master the dance floor?

Have you always wanted to master the dance floor but have never learned how? You now have the chance!

What do we dance?

Join DTU DancIng and start dancing bachata, hip hop, jitterbug, kizomba, salsa, standard/latin dances, or the moves of zumba fitness.

How do I start?

We start our classes in the second week of each semester at DTU. For specific time and place, see each dance below. Just show up the first time to give it a free try and have a chat with us.

Am I good enough?

DTU Dancing is a social dancing club for everybody. We have classes for all levels. There is no need to bring a partner, since it is mandatory to change partner during the lessons. Everyone will find someone to dance with.

Our Dances