Classes in Bachata

The teaching takes place in Gedestalden/Hall in building 208
  • Beginner: Wednesdays 17:30-19:00
  • Intermediate: Wednesdays 19:15-20:45
The classes are taught.

Bachata is a Latin dance that focuses on fluidity of movement and connection between dancers and music. It is characterized by its sensual and smooth style and features a distinct Cuban hip motion.

Bachata originated in the rural neighbourhoods of the Dominican Republic where it grew out of a tumultuous shift from dictatorship, censorship, and cultural degradation. From its humble origins, it has grown to become one of the most popular Latin dances in recent years and has rapidly spread across the globe.

The dance basics consist of 3 steps and a tap on the 4th beat with a constant swaying hip movement and a characteristic hip throw on the tap. It has a close connection between the dancers, while at the same time offering a stylistic freedom of accentuated movements, styling, sliding and more.


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Join the DTU Dancing Bachata Facebook group to keep in touch with other dancers in your class, but don’t forget to sign up for the class here on the website.

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