You can here find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Did you not find the answer to your question? You are always welcome to send an e-mail to board@danc-ing.dk


Do I have to bring my own dance partner?

No, we don't require you to bring your own partner. At DTU Dancing, we change partners regularly during classes so we promise you will get plenty of dancing even though you couldn't convince your boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend to join you.


Can I bring a friend not related to DTU?

Of course, everyone is welcome at DTU Dancing! In case of too large classes, however, the spots are reserved for DTU students and employees, but this rarely happens.


Why do I need to give address and date of birth when registrering?

When registering, you must provide certain personal information. Specifically, we need your full name and address as well as date and year of birth. This is a requirement from DTU Sport, the parent organization of DTU Dancing. So this is mandatory even though DTU Dancing doesn’t use this information for anything.


How is the distribution between guys and girls?

As we don't require our members to bring their own dance partner, the guys to girls ratio almost never fits perfectly in any of our classes. It's difficult for us to predict the distribution in advance as it changes every season and greatly depends on which classes you attend. To overcome this challenge, we always change partners during classes so no one sits down for too long.


I have brought my own dance partner, do I still have to change partners during classes?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to still change partners for two overall reasons. We believe that changing partners makes you learn faster as you do not get accustomed to just one person. By changing partners, you will both get to dance with people who are better than you and who can help you get better yourself and with people who are not as good as you and you will be able to help them improve. Furthermore, we are a social dance club and we encourage the social interaction between all the dancers in the class. You will much faster get to know the other people in your class and who knows, maybe you will make some new best friends.


How do I participate in the first lesson?

The first lesson is a free trial for you to meet the teachers and try out the classes before you decide if you want to follow them or not. So you can just show up! You can find the locations and time table for our classes here. If you decide to continue, then please register for the class(es) you want to follow for the season.


Can I get a discount, if I can only attend half of the classes?

No, we do not have the manpower to administer such discounts. You will though get a discount when attending more than one class.


When do classes start?

The classes follow the semesters at DTU. The starting dates are in the second week of the semester which usually is the second week of September for the fall season and the second week of February for the spring season. You can on our front page find the starting dates for the next (or current) season.


Do I need to have any previous experience to join?

No, you are also welcome if you have never danced before, we will teach you! We provide beginner classes in all our dances for people who have never tried it before. If you do have dancing experience, you are welcome to try out our intermediate classes. Are you in doubt where you fit in, then talk to the teachers and they will help you decide.

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