Ane Pastor Rollan

Originally from Spain, Ane begun her first dance steps in ballet when she was a child and also studied music in a conservatory for 5 years. Music has been present in her life for many years, but it was here, in Denmark, when she got deeply into her dancing. Ane started taking regular bachata classes in 2015 at DTU while doing her Masters, and now she has become our bachata instructor!

She has travelled to many festivals especially in Spain, focusing on sensual bachata, but she also likes to mix it with fusion and Dominican. She loves to get inspired from different teachers and never stops learning. She has now taken classes from different dance styles: Cuban salsa, cross-body on1, mambo, kizomba, zouk, jazz, contemporary and ballet, and she is still engaged with some of them.

She is very self-demanding, persistent and with a great musicality and creativity so she will definitely boost you up in your dancing, and teach you how to dance understanding the music and the connection with yourself and your partner when social dancing.

Christian Kruse Knudsen

Right from the beginning of his time at DTU dancing, Christian was fascinated by the elegance of ballroom and the playfulness of the Latin dances. He started dancing with his partner Pernille at DTU in 2015 and have since then been dancing both at DTU and in advanced and tournament classes in Copenhagen. He began teaching DTU dancing Ballroom/Latin along with his regular partner Pernille in 2017. The difference in style and large variety of dances included in Ballroom and Latin dances ensures that two classes are never alike. Christian enjoys the different moods and music styles offered by the different dances. He specifically enjoys the passionate European tango and the sensual rumba. The teaching offered by Christian and Pernille is based on the theory of partner connection with focus on following and leading. Outside of DTU dancing Christian is currently training for tournaments in Ballroom and Latin dancing and enjoys social dancing in Copenhagen.

Jorge Richards
Musician and dance instructor originally from Panama. Jorge started dancing salsa very young at the age of 11, since this is very common part of the latin american culture. Tango came into his life at the age of 22 and became instantly addicted to it. At age 26 he was already teaching tango in different places and traveling the world to learn more and dance in international events. On 2016 Jorge moves to Denmark to study a masters in DTU and then started teaching Argenine tango as a member of DTU Dancing. He is well known for using unconventional methods of teaching that are aimed at a more holistic understanding of dance as a language between bodies rather than teaching sequences of steps and figures. In the DTU Tango class you can expected the unconventional and be sure that you will have fun and learn a lot about dancing, tango, and your own body, mind and emotions in every session.
Juanma Ponce
Juanma Ponce was born and raised in Argentina. He started dancing in Buenos Aires in 2010, where he played an important role in the development of the Zouk scene with Zouk and Lambazouk. He has been teaching for 4 years and in Denmark for the last 2 years. His favorite dance is Brazilian Zouk, but he also teaches Bachata Sensual and Salsa (LA style). He has also trained many other styles, including. hip hop, breakdance, afro, modern, ballet, mambo and tango.
Konrad Stanek

Konrad made his very first steps in Salsa in 2006... guess where!... at DTU Dancing! During his Erasmus exchange, here is where his adventure and dance passion started.

Ever since he has been inspired and addicted to latin rhythms and dance, and started to travel to dozens of international festivals and workshop to seek for inspirations, to learn from best instructors and to expand his dance horizons. He started to teach regular classes back in 2008 (Cuban Salsa and Son) and since 2013 he has been a pioneer of Bachata Sensual and Bachata Fusion in Denmark. He is currently teaching Salsa at DTU Dancing and Bachata courses in Copenhagen Salsa Academy. Apart from regular classes he has performed on various international stages (Denmark, Spain, UK, Sweden, Greece), and contributed workshops to hundreds of events in Denmark and Sweden.

He highly values musical and cultural richness of Salsa and Bachata dance, absorbing new trends while respecting their traditional roots. Over years he developed range of teaching techniques and exercises that will boost your dancing skill and make you enjoy the process of learning!

Laura Andersen

Growing up in a family of musicians, Laura gained a deep understanding of music and rhythms in her early childhood. When she later found her passion in dancing, her musical understanding helped set speed to her learning curve and she quickly found her flair in the art of moving to music - the art of dance.

Laura instantly fell in love with the joyful and living swing dances, especially the Lindy Hop, the Jitterbug, and the Charleston. The always happy and smiling swing environment gave Laura a drive and an eagerness to learn and in 2015, she started teaching at DTU Dancing, passing on her knowledge and her passion for dance. She has tried many different dance styles which all gave her a deeper understanding of dancing and helped to further improve and expand her musical horizon. However, she enjoys the jazzy rhythms of the swing music most of all and always keeps coming back to the joyfulness and happiness of the swing dances. To quote Frankie Manning “I’ve never seen a Lindy Hopper who wasn’t smiling. It’s a happy dance. It makes you feel good.”

In Laura’s classes, you can be sure to find passion and tons of smiles as well as a fun and engaging learning environment. And to add another quote from the amazing jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald “Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”

Libor Zverina
New friendships, people, community, nice energy, pure happiness, lots of fun and smile - these are things Libor value very much in swing dancing and that is also what you should be looking for in the class. "Lindy hop creates connection to your own body, it is communication with your partner and it is a way you can express the music", Libor says. He never stops exploring these aspects of dancing, which create the base in his teaching. During the class, new material is broken down into simple parts and explained to a great technical detail. A strong emphasis is put on practice. "It''''s social, it''''s physical, it''''s fun", he concludes about swing dancing.
Marcos Garcia

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Marcos is a passionate dancer who started his journey in 2016 in Copenhagen.

His first steps were in cuban salsa, but after a few months he discovered bachata and was immediately hooked. Soon after he started taking bachata lessons and attended every social dance event, workshop and international festival he could find. At first, he focused on sensual bachata, but lately he has been developing his understanding of dominican bachata. His commitment and enthusiasm led to a place on the Salsante performance team in 2018, and he started teaching bachata at DTU in 2019.

For Marcos, musicality and precise execution are essential, and these are the key elements you will learn from him.

Maria Mikolajczak
Marina Cholakova
Born on the Balkans, Marina has been raised with the tradition of Bulgarian folklore music and dance. She has developed a sense for rhythm, which she later used in the traditional horo dances and jazz ballet classes at school. It was only when moving to Copenhagen, that she encountered Argentinian tango. She joined the first DTU Argentinian workshop in 2014 and has been enchanted by the music and the dance ever since. After a few years, learning from some of the best tango teachers and schools in Copenhagen, she is now part of the friendly Copenhagen tango environment as a volunteer at Camilonga and is helping out the tango beginners at DTU with a few tips about the dance.
Pernille Vosbein Christensen

Pernille started dancing with her partner Christian in DTU dancing in 2015. She was drawn to the elegance of Ballroom dancing and the emotions and body control in found in the Latin styles. After two years of intense dancing both at DTU and at dance classes in Copenhagen, she took over teaching of the Ballroom/Latin class at DTU along with her partner Christian. The teaching offered by Pernille and Christian is mostly focused on following and leading, as they strongly believe that a better dancer is one who listen and adjust to his/her partner. Pernille also focus on styling and playing with the music. As Ballroom/Latin consist of a total of 10 dances, where as 6 are thought at the advanced team and 4 on the beginners team, a large variety of music is played throughout the classes. Pernille takes joy in listing and playing with the music. Especially the beautiful flowing waltz, the sensual rumba and the energetic and fun cha cha cha, drew Pernille to the Ballroom/Latins styles. Outside of DTU Pernille is taking class in Latin technique and are practicing for tournaments with her partner Christian. She is also found on the dance floors for social dancing in Ballroom/Latin in Copenhagen.

Sankhya Mohanty
Beauty and harmony governed by eternal cycles of change" - a deep-rooted philosophical paradigm that draws Sankhya to salsa cubana, particularly the Rueda. He has spent the last 7 years travelling to over 25 festivals and dancing in more than 13 countries, trying to sneak a peek into the rich world hidden behind the loud music and flashy costumes that people see on the TV/youtube videos as Salsa. His insights and observations reflect themselves in his classes, as he attempts to not only introduce the complex hand-feet coordinations to future salser@s but also take them on a journey through the evolution of the dance and the music. In the classes, he insists on a focus on details and techniques, though rumors abound of a more festy Mexican doppelganger replacing him often in the DTU B208 basement on salsa evenings.
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