Annika Spanggaard
Annika Spanggaard has been a professional dancer and teacher in Switzerland, France, England and Denmark over the past 15 years. She has starred in theater and dance shows such as in Tivoli (plænen & pantomimeteatret), various dance videos internationally, and toured with a french contemporary dance company, as well as 2 other french dance groups. She''s also currently working as the choreographer of musicals for young talents.
Besides her dance career, Annika has a master''s degree in sports physiotherapy, and works as a neuro-trainer to optimise sports performance for athletes - which she has also used on dancers."
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Dominik Ciborowski
Dominik is a full-of-energy, crazy dancer who cannot stop moving his body even off the dancefloor. He is a certified dance instructor who while dancing combines different styles (salsa LA, sensual & fusion bachata, hip-hop and many more!). He loves body isolations which takes his leading, dance steps and musicality to the next level. His dancing journey started as a child from Hip Hop and Urban Dance and in 2013, he took his first Salsa LA classes. Dominik is a regular participant in many international festivals. Both Kasia and Dominik constantly develop their dancing by taking classes with e.g. Luis & Johnny Vazquez, Erica Spirito, and Cornel & Rithika.
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Katarzyna Mucha
Kasia is an ambitious dancer and certified dance instructor that believes in conscious following, technique and expressing yourself in the dance. That combined with her positive energy creates a dancing attitude that rocks the floor! She focuses on technique and comfort to underline natural femininity for every woman. Kasia believes in building a strong dance community. As a child, she trained ballroom dancing. Dynamic Salsa LA and salsa romantica stole her heart in 2013, and bachata in 2014. Today, she plays with mixing fundamentals, female styling and improvisation. Kasia was a part of Karel Flores Team DK that performed on El Sol Salsa Festival 2019.
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Konrad Stanek

Konrad made his very first steps in Salsa in 2006... guess where!... at DTU Dancing! During his Erasmus exchange, here is where his adventure and dance passion started.

Ever since he has been inspired and addicted to latin rhythms and dance, and started to travel to dozens of international festivals and workshop to seek for inspirations, to learn from best instructors and to expand his dance horizons. He started to teach regular classes back in 2008 (Cuban Salsa and Son) and since 2013 he has been a pioneer of Bachata Sensual and Bachata Fusion in Denmark. He is currently teaching Salsa at DTU Dancing and Bachata courses in Copenhagen Salsa Academy. Apart from regular classes he has performed on various international stages (Denmark, Spain, UK, Sweden, Greece), and contributed workshops to hundreds of events in Denmark and Sweden.

He highly values musical and cultural richness of Salsa and Bachata dance, absorbing new trends while respecting their traditional roots. Over years he developed range of teaching techniques and exercises that will boost your dancing skill and make you enjoy the process of learning!

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Maria Mikolajczak
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Sankhya Mohanty
Beauty and harmony governed by eternal cycles of change" - a deep-rooted philosophical paradigm that draws Sankhya to salsa cubana, particularly the Rueda. He has spent the last 7 years travelling to over 25 festivals and dancing in more than 13 countries, trying to sneak a peek into the rich world hidden behind the loud music and flashy costumes that people see on the TV/youtube videos as Salsa. His insights and observations reflect themselves in his classes, as he attempts to not only introduce the complex hand-feet coordinations to future salser@s but also take them on a journey through the evolution of the dance and the music. In the classes, he insists on a focus on details and techniques, though rumors abound of a more festy Mexican doppelganger replacing him often in the DTU B208 basement on salsa evenings.
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