Classes in Ballroom & Latin

Teaching takes place in DTU Building 451 Room 001

  • Beginner: Tuesday at 17:30-19:00
  • Intermediate: Tuesday at 19:15-20:45

Elegance of ballroom dancing! 

10 dances exists in standard/latin – 5 latin and 5 standard style dances.


With the beginners class we'll be aiming for four of the ten dances: Waltz, Cha cha, Jive and hopefully a good chunk of Quickstep. We'll work our way up from scratch in each dance, aiming for a useful level in musicality/rhythm, styling, a firm set of steps/moves/figures and the essentials of leading/following.


With our intermediates we'll introduce Jive, work on the Quickstep and continue with your Waltz, Cha cha, Rumba and Tango with a focus on technical aspects that you can help us choose. We imagine a heavy focus on leading/following, work on sharpening/softening the moves, on improving the expression in styling and movements, on stronger floor-craft for the flow over the floor, and on optimising timing and use of musical beats.


Each lesson will cover 2 dances and one or two dedicated 20-min technique sessions. Possibly more of both for the Intermediate.
Michelle is sharp in the Standard dances and will be taking the lead on that, while Steeven will be taking good care of the Latin dances.


Join our Standard/Latin Facebook group

Join the DTU Dancing Standard/Latin Facebook group to keep in touch with other dancers in your class, but don’t forget to sign up for the class here on the website.

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