About DTU Dancing


DTU Dancing is a social dancing club, where you can learn new moves and dance steps in an informal environment to use out on the dancefloor. We have classes in several different dance styles and have classes for beginners, intermediates and even some for advanced.
The classes are carried through week after week by our skilled teachers. Each class has one teacher, usually assisted by a teaching assistent (TA).
Click here for the list of instructors.

Near the end of each semester (usually November and May) we have the bi-annual parties where all members dress up and join to dance on the large dancefloor in this big event to try out what we have learned during the season. There will also be held smaller events a couple of times each season, either in the shape of a relaxing dance café or as a workshop. Usually if possible we invite a teacher from other branches of dancing than ours to come and let us try something different at these events. See upcoming events here.

DTU Dancing is a part of DTU Sport.
We have a general assembly in early spring every year where all members participate in the decisions made for the club. The board will carry out the work necessary to run the club and make sure everything runs smoothly until the next general assembly. See the board members here.
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