Welcome to DTU Dancing

We are a social dance club at DTU, Lyngby.

We offer classes in 
Argentinian Tango, Bachata, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Salsa, Standard & Latin, Swing and Zumba.

Our classes start again on Monday 05.02.2024

Shoes: For the dances taking place in the dance hall (Zumba, Std/Latin, Bachata, Swing) no outdoor shoes are allowed. Please bring another pair of clean shoes or dance in your socks to protect the dance floor. 

Classes take place in building 208.

Please be aware of the following changes: 

Contemporary and HipHop take place at the stairs/pladsen

Salsa (Beginner & Intermediate) on Mondays takes place in building 210 - Spanish Stairs


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Building 451

Hold i dag