Classes in Standard & Latin

The classes are taught by Christian Kruse Knudsen and Pernille Vosbein Christensen. 

Elegance of ballroom dancing! 

10 dances exists in standard/latin – 5 latin and 5 standard style dances.

Our teaching in standard/latin include the 2 standard dances, Waltz and Tango and the 2 latin dances, ChaChaCha and Rumba.

The standard dances:

  • Waltz, also referred to as English Waltz or Slow Waltz, is a slow and graceful dance.
  • Tango is a beautiful and graceful dance with a characteristic staccato rhythm. The ballroom dance should be distinguished from Argentine Tango.

The latin dances:

  • Cha cha cha is a energetic dance with Cuban origin.
  • Rumba very sensual dance coming from Cuba.


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Join the DTU Dancing Standard/Latin Facebook group to keep in touch with other dancers in your class, but don’t forget to sign up for the class here on the website.

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