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At DTU Dancing, we provide classes in several different dance styles for both beginners, intermediates, and even some for advanced. In the time table below, you can find the time and location for each of our classes.

Classes takes place at two different location at DTU; Anker Engelundsvej 1, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby in building 208(Gedestalden) or 210 (Spanish Stairs) and Akademivej DTU - Bygning 358 2800 Kgs. Lyngby. The location for the classes can be found under the different dances.

If you have any problems finding the places, please contact the board

The dancing season at DTU Dancing follows the DTU semesters which means, a new season will always start together with both the fall and the spring semester at DTU. Classes start in the 2nd week of the DTU semester - this is usually 2nd week of September for the fall season and the 2nd week of February for the spring season. You can on our front page find the starting dates for the next (or current) season. 

Each class consists of 12 lessons of 1½-2 hours. The price for a season is 500 dkk if you follow one class. If you are following more than one class, you get a discount according to the prices below.

 The first lesson is a free trial lesson. You can just show up and try it out!

Price for fall semester (12 weeks)

 1 class:  500 dkk
 2 classes:  700 dkk
 3 classes:  900 dkk
 4 classes: 1100 dkk


The board and teachers will do their best to avoid cancellations. However, should it happen due to illness, unavailability of the location etc., the cancelled lessons will be rescheduled and added after the end of the season. Participants will be informed about this via e-mail. 


Guide to building 208 and building 210 at DTU Campus


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