Conditions and Terms

Please read and agree to our terms and conditions to become a member of DTU Dancing and to attend classes.

Social aspect of the club

The social environment in our classes and events at DTU Dancing is one of our most important aspects of the club. We believe that changing partners during the classes boosts the social connections between members, strenghening our club a lot.

If you attend a class, please respect and accept our principle of changing partners, which is mandatory. No need to bring a dance partner.


When registering on the DTU Dancing website, you become a member the club.

When registering, you must provide certain personal information. Specifically, we need your full name and address as well as date and year of birth. This is a requirement from DTU Sport, the parent organization of DTU DancIng.


Signup for classes opens latest 2 weeks before the classes start.

If you choose to continue after the free trial period (the first lesson), you will have to sign up for the class through this link. If you do not sign up, you should not expect to be able to continue the class.

Signing up for a class and paying is binding. There are no refunds for payments.

Free trial

First lesson is a free trial lesson so it is possible to find out if you want to continue. To attend the first lesson you just show up, there is no need for sign up at this point.

Communication from the club

E-mailing is the official mean of communication from the club (the board and teachers) to the members.

If lessons or classes are moved or cancelled, information will primarily be given through the e-mail address used when signing up.


Discount is obtained if you sign up for more than one class according to the price table below. Notice that you have to sign up for the individual dance classes one by one, thus you obtain the discount, when you sign up for two or more dance classes.

1 class   500 kr.
2 classes   700 kr.
3 classes   900 kr.
4 classes   1100 kr.

Structure of classes

Each class consists of 12 lessons of 1.5-2 hours each. The classes start in 2nd week of DTU semester.

The board and teachers will do their best to avoid cancellations. However, if there happen to be some, due to e.g. illness or unavailability of the place, the classes will be rescheduled, preferably on the same time slot after planned end of the semester – that means that the DTU Dancing season would last more that 12 weeks for a course where cancellation happen so that you still get all 12 lessons in total. All course participants will be informed about the cancellation via the e-mail address provided as user information while signing up for the club.


Payment is done for membership in DTU Dancing per season corresponding to the semesters at DTU that is, a season every Fall and every Spring.
Payment are made by "Register" for the dance class(es) you want to attend.

Payment must be done no later than the 3rd dance lesson. There are no refunds for paid membership fees.


As you approve these terms and conditions you also approve that any picture taken of you at social club events can be used by the club for promotion on our website and social media.

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