Classes in Hip Hop

The teaching takes place at the Spanish stairs in building 210 

  • Joanna is currently injured and will not be teaching this season

The classes are taught by Joanna Wojciechowska.

Hip Hop

Firstly there is a shot that pushes you to externalize and show your emotions, than there is a moment of reflection. Surprisingly you hear the music that inspires you. One of the things about dance is that it is born by deepest thoughts and is followed by exploration of your body. You go to the dance room, to work, to create and you face failures, get confused and start to doubt. Finally you work it out. You stand up, dance, do your best and experience once again those emotions! You become someone because, by breaking the shell, you show… yourself. This is the power of street dances. No one tells you to smile or cry. Even though we do the same moves, they will be somehow different as we might not have the same emotions deep inside.

Hip hop is a free dance that is not closed in the specific canon, however there is a variety. House, waacking, locking, popping, afro, cramp, c-walk, old-school or new style… and finally, there is a technic standing behind each of those

Learn it, work out, make friends, enjoy and… express yourself!

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