Do I have to bring a dance partner?

No, we always change partner on all our classes, so there is no need to bring your own dance partner.

Can I bring a friend not related to DTU?

Yes. Our dance classes are only reserved to DTU students and employees in case of too large classes – which rarely happens.

Why do I need to give address and date of birth?

When registering you must provide certain personal information. Specifically we need full name and address as well as date and year of birth. This is a requirement from DTU Sport, the parent organization of DTU DancIng. So this is mandatory even though DTU Dancing doesn’t use that information.

How is the distribution of boys and girls?

It changes every semester and sometimes during the semester. But, we always switch partner, so no one sits down for too long.

I have brought my own dance partner, do I have to change partner?

Yes. We believe changing partner makes you learn faster, as you do not get accustomed to just one person. We are a social dance club and we encourage the social interaction between all the dancers in the class.

How do I participate for the first lesson?

The first lesson is a free trial. So you just show up. If you decide to continue, then please register for the class(es) you want to take during the semester.

Can I get a discount, if I can only attend half of the classes?

No, we do not have the manpower to administer such discounts. You will though get a discount when attending more than one class.

When does the classes start?

The classes follow the DTU semesters. The starting dates are in the second week of the semesters, that is usually the second week in September and usually the second week in February respectively.

How good must I be to join?

If you are an absolute beginner, there are beginners classes in all dances for you. If you have some dance experience, you are welcome to try out our intermediate classes, to see for yourself if you think you fit in with the level. The first lesson in each class is a free trial.

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