Classes in Social Dancing in Zouk

The teaching takes place at the Spanish stairs in building 210.
  • Open level: Tuesdays 17:15-18:45
The classes are taught by Jorge Richards.

Come and become more confident in your social dancing skills! These classes will improve your connection, dance floor confidence and dancing skills for the dance floor! Jorge will teach you these skills to the rythm of Brasilian music. This is why, even if you come with 0 dance experience you will come out of the lessons feeling more natural in your dancing skills and having learnt a new dance style!
Brazilian zouk is a partner dance originating from Brazil. Also known as zouk-lambada, the dance is a descendant of lambada, the music & dance style that swept over the world like a storm in the late 1980's. This is why the social dance skills will be worke upon this basic style, many latin dances include movements borrowed from zouk. Brazilian zouk is characterized by the dancers’ undulating bodies and the followers' flowing hair.


During the classes, you can see a close connection embrace and long graceful steps, strong hip movements, body isolations and upper-body torsions and whip-like head movements. While the dance is often called sensual, it is not sexual or erotic. It is danced by people of all ages in night clubs, dance schools and events around the world!
This is an open level class! Here you will practice the rhythm and all the basic movements you will need in your social dance. Juanma will teach you variations and work on your creativity in the dance. We work with movements like basic step, lateral, basic turns, soltinho, elastico, boomerang, yo-yo, and with lead/follow techniques. And most importantly, we have FUN!!!


Join the DTU Dancing Zouk Facebook group to keep in touch with other dancers in your class, but don’t forget to sign up for the class here on the website.

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